Common Plumbing Emergencies – Leander, TX

This guide provides necessary information on how to handle common problems that may arise when working with plumbing systems. A number of pictures are included for reference. Enjoy!

1) Water coming out the faucet is brown or yellow.


  1. A) Old age and rust can be a cause for this problem, so you will have to replace the water lines from your house to where it connects to the city’s water supply line. If you have copper piping in your house, chances are they have been weakened by corrosion in time and will need to be replaced in full too. You also might want to consider getting a new filter that attaches directly onto a faucet spout – they are great for catching the rust particles.

2) Sink keeps clogging up with hair, food, etc..

  1. A) This is a simple fix that requires you to get rid of the aerator. You can take it out by using an adjustable wrench or pliers and then wash it off in the sink with fresh water. Sometimes this part will require replacement – new faucets usually come with new aerators already installed. Next, go to your local hardware store and purchase some rubber mesh or screen material that is about 3/8″ thick so you can tuck it inside your drain pipe where all of the yucky stuff collects before reaching down into the garbage disposal below.

3) Water pressure coming from my shower head is weak.

  1. A) This is a simple fix as well, and you can find the necessary parts at your local hardware store. You need to purchase an adjustable wrench or pliers, female adaptors (solvent weld) that are threaded on one side for 1/2″ pipe threading and male adaptors (solvent weld) that are threaded on both sides so it fits inside of the first adaptor – this way you can connect the two together tightly. Connect the two adaptors together with teflon tape or by using pipe joint compound then attach them into the shower arm itself. Use teflon tape again when you reattach your shower head back onto the shower arm. Now adjust your shower head up to where it should be pointing down towards your body when you’re taking a shower.

4) The hot water valve underneath my sink which controls the flow of hot water from the tank that’s hooked into my pipes is beginning to leak or drip.

  1. A) Well, if this happens, chances are it will need to be replaced because over time a lot of pressure starts to build up inside this unit and thus causes it to break down. When you see your hot water valve begin to drip or leak – you will have to turn off all of the other sink valves in your house so no other parts can get damaged by being under constant pressure. Now use an adjustable wrench or pliers and remove the screw that holds the top part of the faucet onto your sink. Next remove the rubber washer inside of the top part of your faucet, replace it with a new one made out of teflon or rubber, reassemble everything back together and you should be good to go again.


5) The dishwasher I have attached to my sink is leaking underneath.

  1. A) Well this could be caused by a number of things. First off, check where the drain hose that’s attached to your dishwasher meets up with your garbage disposal under your sink – if the connection is loose then tighten it up using an adjustable wrench or pliers so liquids can’t come spilling out from there anymore. If this doesn’t stop the water from coming out from there – then look for a small hole on the bottom of your dishwasher and either find a way to cover it up or replace it.


6) The spout on my kitchen faucet is leaking.

  1. A) Well this could be caused by some damage that’s done around where the handle meets up with the faucet itself – usually water can accumulate inside this area causing wear over time. Or it may need to be repaired because you just knocked into it while cooking, causing it to break off along with other parts inside of the spout assembly itself. Either way – you should probably take apart these pieces and clean them off properly so no debris gets lodged in there before putting them all back together again so they work like new again.

7) My garbage disposal is making a lot of noise when I turn it on.

  1. A) This could be because your plumbing connections underneath your sink are loose or corroded. Check these connections and tighten them up with an adjustable wrench or pliers so they don’t leak anymore. If this doesn’t fix anything, then it may need to be serviced by someone who knows how to take the unit apart and clean all of the parts inside of it – otherwise you’ll end up having to replace it very soon which can cost you hundreds of dollars depending where you go.

8) The drain pipe that runs underneath my kitchen sink into my garbage disposal seems like its getting clogged up with food particles so there’s hardly any water coming out from my faucet.

  1. A) You may need to replace it – otherwise you’ll have two options here. The first one would be to use a plunger on it while the faucet is turned on so that way some of the food residue gets pulled out of there before replacing it with a new unit. If this doesn’t fix the problem, then you know what to do next.

9) My water heater which is hooked up into my hot water tank in my house just broke down completely and won’t work anymore!

  1. A) This can happen over time because water heaters are designed for an average household of around 3 or 4 people max, anything more than that and they will not hold up under pressure for long. Either way if your hot water tank just broke down then what you will have to do is haul it out of the house somehow, take it apart completely so all of its components are separated from each other and either refurbish them if they are still in good shape or replace them with parts that aren’t working anymore.

Places you should know about in Leander, TX

Robin Bledsoe Park Located at 601 S Bagdad Rd, Leander, TX 78641 The Leander Parks and Recreation Department is developing a renovation plan for the new Robin Bledsoe Park. The park is named after a former mayor of Leander, who passed away in 2006. The city of Leander acquired the land from Travis County on Feb. 25, 2011 for $1.5 million to use as a municipal park. Construction on the park began in March 2012. Construction was halted last September when it was discovered that there were several Native American artifacts found along with human remains near the area where fencing would be installed around the playground area according to Debbie Liebrick, director of parks and recreation for the city of Leander. “The work stopped when we got the word that there was some skeletal remains found,” Liebrick said. The city hired an archeologist to do the investigation. “There were like 16 or 17 pieces of vertebrae and other bones scattered across the area where we would have put the playground,” Liebrick said. The state law regarding Native American artifacts is that you must retain them in their cultural setting. This means that they gave them back to the Naviagtion tribe which has its headquarters in Austin, Texas according to Craig Youngblood, excavation supervisor for Hildebrandt Consulting Archeology Inc., who performed the dig at Robin Bledsoe park. He added that because this type of discovery isn’t very common, it took a long time to get the written documentation that would allow for a proper excavation. The city of Leander worked with Texas State University at San Marcos, the Lower Colorado River Authority and The Newland Communities during this process to make sure all steps were followed according to Amy Petri, director of community relations for LCRA. “I was very impressed by how seriously everyone approached it,” Youngblood said. He added that he also thought it was impressive how well everything was documented from start to finish. Leander’s former mayor Robin Bledsoe passed away in 2006, before she could see her dream fulfilled of having a park named after her in Leander. Liebrick believes that seeing the park named after her mom makes a big difference in how much it means to her family. “It gives us a place for people to remember her,” Liebrick said. Construction on the project began again in early February. The renovation will cost approximately $2 million according to City Engineer Brian Rodgers, who also noted that all funding for this project has already been raised. Rodgers added that the park’s opening is projected to be in mid-summer of 2013. Work being done includes reconfiguring the walking trail so it ends at the gazebo area near where Robin Bledsoe wanted it, adding two ponds with benches around them, adding restroom facilities and doing maintenance work such as grading and seeding throughout.